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Terms and Conditions of Carriage

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ChesterBoat – Terms and Conditions of Carriage

ChesterBoat aims to provide a safe and enjoyable cruise for all passengers. To ensure this we request that, while on board our vessels, all passengers show respect for other passengers, our staff, our property and other people that may be affected by their actions.

ChesterBoat staff and crew may refuse to carry any passenger, or direct any passenger to disembark, where the behaviour of that passenger breaches these Terms and Conditions.

Any person breaching these Terms and Conditions may also be refused access to, or required to leave, landing stages and/or other facilities controlled by ChesterBoat.

Under no circumstances shall any passenger bring any dangerous goods, weapons or illegal drugs or substances aboard the vessel.


A passenger may only travel on board any of our vessels if they have a valid ticket purchased prior to boarding, or a confirmed booking.

Purchase of a ticket entitles a passenger to a place aboard the vessel on a specified sailing. It does not presume the availability of any particular seat or position aboard the vessel.

Where one ticket is issued in respect of a number of passengers, the person to whom the ticket is issued contracts with ChesterBoat as agent for all the passengers that the ticket applies to and agrees that all passengers included on the ticket will be bound by these Terms and Conditions. The person to whom the ticket is issued warrants that he or she has authority to make this agreement on behalf of the other passengers.

Non-Fare Paying Passengers:

From time to time, and at the invitation of ChesterBoat or its employees, persons may board a vessel as non-fare paying passengers. Non-fare paying passengers are subject to our normal Terms and Conditions of Carriage.


For comfort and safety on board, ChesterBoat requires passengers to take due note of all safety notices, instructions, advice and guidance made available aboard the vessel, whether issued verbally by a crew member or other employee, broadcast over the public address system or disseminated on leaflets, posters or signs.

ChesterBoat will not be liable for any accident, injury or loss, where this is due to disregard on the part of the passenger of any such safety notice, instruction, advice or guideline.


ChesterBoat does not accept unaccompanied children under the age of sixteen on board any of our vessels.

All children travelling with their parents or other adults remain the responsibility of their accompanying parents or other adults who should take steps to supervise the children in their charge and make sure that their behaviour does not endanger their own safety or the safety and comfort of other passengers.

Damage Caused by Passengers:

Passengers shall be liable to reimburse ChesterBoat for all damage to the vessel and its furnishings and equipment or any property of ChesterBoat caused directly or indirectly by any wilful or negligent act or omission on the part of the passenger. The passenger shall further pay ChesterBoat against any cost whatsoever which ChesterBoat may incur towards any person or company or government for any personal injury or death, loss or damage to property caused directly or indirectly by any wilful or negligent act or omission on the part of the passenger.

Unacceptable Behaviour:

If, while on board the vessel, we reasonably believe that a passenger has:

  • Put the vessel, or any person on it, in danger,
  • Deliberately interfered with the crew in carrying out their duties,
  • Failed to obey the instructions of the crew relating to safety or security,
  • Behaved in a threatening, abusive, insulting or disorderly way towards the crew or other passengers,
  • Behaved in a way which causes discomfort, inconvenience, damage or injury to the crew or other passengers,
  • Caused annoyance to other passengers by being excessively noisy or disruptive,
  • Failed to comply with smoking restrictions,
  • Failed to obey the crew’s instructions relating to drink or drugs,
  • Allowed their physical or mental state to become affected by drink or drugs,
  • Used language that causes offence to others,
  • Committed a criminal offence,
  • Made a hoax bomb or other security threat,
  • Not ensured that they are the only person that can hear music or audio that they wish to listen to on any electronic device such as MP3 player, tablet device, phone etc.,

then we may take any measures we think reasonable to prevent the passenger continuing their behaviour. This may include putting them ashore at the nearest safe mooring and/or reporting the incident to the relevant authorities with a view to them prosecuting the passenger for any criminal offences they might have committed.

If a passenger is disembarked because they have breached our Terms and Conditions no refund of fare will be given and ChesterBoat shall in no way be liable for the cost of alternative travel arrangements, accommodation, inconvenience or any other resulting cost or liability. ChesterBoat may resort to assistance of the police or other appropriate authority in expediting the removal of such passengers from the vessel.

Drug and Alcohol Policy:

Any passenger displaying drunken behaviour or appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs on the quayside will not be permitted to board the vessel.

If the crew have reason to believe that a passenger has used illegal drugs while on board the vessel the police will always be informed.

While on board the vessel passengers may only consume alcoholic beverages that have been purchased on board*. Any passenger consuming an alcoholic beverage that has not been purchased on board may be disembarked or, with their agreement, have the alcoholic beverage removed for the duration of the cruise.

*On private hires, passengers may consume their own alcoholic beverages but only if previously agreed with us. In these cases a charge will normally be made for corkage.

Alcoholic beverages may be consumed by over 18s only. If, in the opinion of the crew, a passenger looks to be under 21 years old they may be asked for ID. If they cannot prove acceptable proof of age the crew are authorised to refuse to serve them an alcoholic beverage.

It is an offence under the Licensing Act 2003 to knowingly sell or attempt to sell alcohol to a person who is drunk, or allow alcohol to be sold to such a person. Crew members will refuse sale of alcoholic beverages if they have reason to believe that they may be consumed by a passenger in, or approaching, a state of drunkenness.

Sale of alcoholic beverages will cease 10 minutes before the scheduled end of each cruise.

All alcoholic beverages must be consumed by the end of the cruise. Unfinished drinks must be left behind.

Passengers are not permitted to take alcoholic beverages, purchased on board, off the vessel.

Thank you for your cooperation – Enjoy your Cruise!