ChesterBoat buys British

ChesterBoat has recently fitted three new engines to its flotilla of Leisure Cruises which have been checked as part of an annual survey undertaken by the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA).  It was an intense day of running trials, questioning the team at ChesterBoat as the MCA scrutinised ChesterBoat’s flotilla of leisure cruises. 

The British engines on The Lady Diana, The Mark Twain and The Jackie were chosen by managing director, Brian Clarke, who selected the engines from a British manufacturer against other engines available in the market opting for marinized derivatives of the JCB engine along with PRM marine gearboxes.  

Brian Clarke, Managing Director, ChesterBoat said ‘we looked at other engines in the market but made the decision to buy British as we felt the quality of finish and standards meet our own, they are relatively local and represent good value for both the business and our passengers aboard the cruises.’  He went on to say, ‘Quality of provision and maintenance of our boats for our passengers is our priority’.

On the day, the MCA will also tested ChesterBoats latest crew member, Ben Newell, who obtained his Boatmaster licence. The test included a practical and oral examination, a medical and he had to impress the inspectors with his first aid, firefighting knowledge and personal survival techniques.  Ben has been with ChesterBoat for six months learning the ropes and is delighted to have completed his training to become a fully-fledged skipper. Ben said ‘I love working on the water, the sense of freedom, relaxation and space is great for my mental health and wellbeing. I love working with people and the environment and the team at ChesterBoat have supported me in my efforts to get this far. I am now looking forward to taking charge of my own cruise to sail passengers up the beautiful River Dee.’

The mental health and wellbeing benefits of a relaxing cruise down the river are acknowledged by Brian Clarke, Managing Director, who explains “experts have been discussing the benefits to so called ‘blue health” and how water offers the chance to escape the hyper-connected modern world for a while.”

He went on to say ‘Wallace J. Nichols, a marine biologist, has discussed and published the different ways bodies of water can have a positive affect and many psychologists have researched how just having blue space in front of you can boost your mental health.’

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency’s survey involves the checking of all paperwork to include service records, training manuals, drills and fault reporting systems, accident procedures and passenger handling procedures.  The surveyors will also inspect all the machinery, steering and safety equipment including the inflatable life rafts, emergency lighting and the means to recover a man overboard. All three leisure cruises will be taken on running trials and during this time the crew will be quizzed on emergency procedures and reporting systems.