ChesterBoat are proud to be involved in a new and exciting campaign, operated by Marketing Cheshire; #perfectchester!

#perfectchester is a way to share your perfect Chester experiences in a tweet or Instagram moment. Chester is built on a wonderful history of moments – and now we want to see yours.

Show us what makes your #perfectchester moment. It can be funny, silly, historic, beautiful, touching, poignant or all of the above. Snap a selfie, indulge your artistic side with a landscape black and white or just give us a brief glimpse of how much you’re enjoying yourself! And Marketing Cheshire will be giving prizes out to their tweet of the week.

Here is our first #perfectchester moment from our very own Captain Paul:



So we want to hear yours too. Maybe it will be a cruise along the beautiful river Dee aboard the Lady Diana? Maybe that will be just one of a number of #perfectchester moments that you have while you are here?

For more information and for inspiration about how to make the most of your visit to Chester, head along to http://www.visitchester.com/perfect-chester

We look forward to sharing your #perfectchester moments and we also look forward to welcoming you aboard…………