Skipper Completes Personal Survival Techniques Course

Earlier this week one of our newest Skippers and one of our trainee skippers successfully completed their STCW PERSONAL SURVIVAL Techniques (PST) course. Another of our trainee skippers was involved in assisting the course instructor.

Personal Survival Course 2

The course is not a legal requirement for our Passenger Boat Skippers but it will be useful for them in their involvement with our Commercial operations including providing safety boats for construction projects.

The course was provided by Sea Secretary, a highly reputable local training provider. They are recognised for providing quality services within the industry. Their trainers are still active in their professions. They provide a variety of training courses including STCW and Boatmaster training.

Personal Survival Course 1

Much of the training took place inside a local swimming pool. The PST course included the following:

  • Survival difficulties and factors
  • Actions prior to abandonment
  • Vital & secondary actions in the life raft
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • In water survival techniques
  • Righting an upturned life raft
  • Life rafts and equipment
  • Helicopter rescue
  • Use of Pyrotechnics

You can view a short video of the training here: Personal Survival Video

ChesterBoat highly recommend Sea Secretary to anybody looking to embark upon a career at sea.