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There is a New Captain in Town…….

We are delighted to announce that our trainee Boatmaster (Skipper) Paul has recently passed his exams and has since taken the helm this Summer.

Paul joined the company in June of 2014 initially as a Crew member. He then trained to become a Steward for our evening cruises and has enthusiastically applied himself to all tasks placed before him, both for ChesterBoat and also for our commercial business as well. One day he can be pouring drinks behind the bar on the Lady Diana and the next he might be helping to retrieve a sunken narrow boat from a canal in the South of England.

Paul has demonstrated outstanding commitment to his training and passing his exam is a fantastic achievement when you consider that he also became a Dad for the first time just weeks before his test!

We asked Paul about his training and his new role:

How does it feel to have passed your Boatmaster exams?

“Absolutely brilliant! It feels great but I would really like to thank all of the other Skippers for all of their help, guidance and experience that they have happily shared with me this Summer.”

How did you find the test?

“I was nervous of course but all of the training I had received and took part in has really paid off.”

How have you found your new role as a Boatmaster?

“I really enjoy everything about the role and I love the responsibility that comes with it.”

Finally Paul, who is your favourite Captain?

“Erm, Captain America! Haha, only kidding, Ernest Shackleton is in my eyes “the man” following his epic struggle to lead the crew of the Endurance to safety after it was crushed by ice. Shackleton wasn’t actually the Captain on that voyage but he proved himself to be an admirable leader.”

Captain's Blog Paul

So there you have it. We are delighted as a company to be able to count on Paul to look after the safety of our passengers whilst also ensuring that every single one of them has a memorable experience on board our fleet. Although Antarctic exploration may not be something that Paul get’s to sample here on the River Dee, it seems like he is really enjoying his new role with us.

If you see him down on the quayside this Summer, be sure to tell him “well done” for a brilliant achievement.