Lady Diana

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Celebrate, enjoy and relax with ChesterBoat

The largest vessel in the fleet, The ‘Lady Diana’ can accommodate up to 120 guests across three levels and is a fine choice for large parties at all times of the year (maximum of 80 guests for 18th & 21st birthday parties and high school proms).

The upper deck is fully enclosed offering a dining and seating area for the daytime or evening. However there are large windows on all sides which can be removed during warmer weather. Food could be served on this level, or on the rear, mid-level deck if a dance floor is not required.

The rear, mid-level deck is carpeted and offers a spacious dance floor area or buffet space. It can also accommodate bands and DJs or gaming tables. This is where boarding drinks would be served as your guests board the vessel.

The lower saloon was completely refitted in 2014 and offers a spacious, comfortable seating area for your guests. It has large windows, including around the fully-stocked bar, offering fantastic views of the changing landscape. All three levels are fully heated throughout in the colder months.

The Lady Diana’s facilities

  • Wheelchair accessible to the rear, mid-level deck
  • Fully heated
  • Fully stocked
  • Two toilets
  • Spacious dance floor
  • Facility to play MP3 or CD background music available
  • Floodlit at night